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April 12, 2015

I’m not sure why Mr. Prentice and his colleagues haven’t figured this out yet. We as Albertans are facing a massive deficit with skyrocketing expenses. We as individuals deal with this everyday and sit down at our tables and make the tough family decisions. This is no different. We identify a few major expenses and either eliminate them or strategize to minimize them. This isn’t rocket science. Let’s just look at three major areas of bleeding.

1). Health Care

Lets just pick one area to start with. Emergency Room abuse. This one is so easy it’s laughable. When you go to an Emergency Room you are issued an Outpatient Form. We could just add to the bottom of this form, one question for the physician to check mark. Was an Emergency Room visit required, Yes or No. If the answer is No, then that individual would be charged an agreed upon fee, let’s say $500 for arguement sake. The next time they come into Emergency, if their form comes up unpaid balance, well then I guess it sucks to be them. Health Link, use it, Walk in Clinic, use it. Start Taking Responsibility!

2). Public Education System

Again so simple. The operative word here is “Public.” This is not a system in place for Johnny or Jane, this is a system in place funded by the public for the public. If your child is not behaving or you are a parent who is a pain in the ass, the Principal simply calls you in and says “bye bye.” Take your child home and know that you have all kinds of options, Home Schooling, Private Schools where you pay dearly for them to up with your crap. This solves two problems or expenses in one sweep as it will clear out the classrooms of the disruptions and allow the teachers to teach the kids who have been clearly taught that education is a privilege and not a right. If parents start getting calls to come and their kids and all of the sudden their children become their problem and not the general publics, we might have this solved in year one. Take Responsibility.

3). The Judicial System

Now this one is a bit more complicated to dent but let’s start with one aspect and see where that gets us. Why Oh Why, my good Lord Why are we paying to house and feed people who have committed crimes against us. This makes no sense to me. Let’s take the category of “Drug Related Crimes.” Just that one for now. If you have a drug issue, it is your issue and not mine. You need to be accountable and removed from causing harm to the rest of us, absolutely. We should not have to worry about you walking the streets, stealing or running in your little punk ass gangs. I would love to pay my fair share to fund a Detention Center for druggies who are forced to do all kinds of manual labor, planting trees, cleaning highways, cleaning parks etc. until they are so freaking tired at night that they don’t have the energy to cause our enforcement personnel any trouble. You want to get yourself into a pickle and get into that kind of lifestyle and it ends up at a criminal level, then grab a shovel pal because that will be your life for more than a couple of years. The first idiot or parent that cries out, “They have a disease or special issue needing love and compassion,” can also grab a shovel until they figure out, this is not the publics problem! If you’re such a bleeding heart then take them to your house and monitor them twenty four hours a day and ensure the safety of the rest of us. Take Responsibility!
I am not naive enough to think that all of our problems can be solved in one day or one year but starting some real action plan, as we do in our own homes, is at least something. I can hear my Dads voice in my head saying, “You may not be doing the absolute perfect thing, but at least do something.” Take Responsibility.


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