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Loving and Understanding

October 28, 2015

I have to say I’m against it. Stupid is stupid and perhaps we need to stop being so gentle and kind and just say it. I want to work in a complaint department for one day (which is about how long I would last) and genuinely help the people who have legitimate concerns and all the stupid people would automatically plunge down a hidden trap door placed in the floor in front of my desk. I want the descend lever to be large and have an overhead flashing red light with STUPID written on it so they know why the floor beneath them is disappearing. My theory is the next guy in line is going to rethink his problem before he opens his mouth and that my friend is called a WIN! Thinking things through seems to be a thing of the past. We are being conditioned to respect everyones actions and be tolerant of all opinions. Try to understand where they are coming from. Well they are coming from Stupid Town on the highway to Are You Kidding Me and somebody needs to give them directions. I have been told, by far nicer people than myself, that the proper procedure is to listen carefully and gently explain why their request is unreasonable…..or you could look them in the eye, save everybody a lot of time and say, “That is stupid, and you need to go home and reevaluate your life.”

I propose that all the normal people quit tolerating the stupid. Instead of our valuable time being spent trying to understand and accommodate the stupid we should implement a pre-think policy for all stupid people. We all know these people, they come into our businesses, or schools, recreational activities and clubs. They are idiots and everyone knows it except them. They are usually the most vocal, loudest and usually qualify their actions with, “I have a right to say what I think.” That would be true if what they had to say had even the slightest ring of intelligent thought, operative word being, intelligent. So back to my pre-think policy. I have developed a few questions we need to print onto cards and pass out. Let me be clear, it is not up to normal people to adapt to the stupid and unreasonable, we must turn the tide and make the stupid accountable for their own idiocy. The old, put the problem in the hands of the problem. So lets save ourselves a lot of time and frustration by simply stating to the morons of the world,

Before you waste my time and open your mouth to complain,

  1. Clearly and calmly define your issue.
  2. Why is your problem, my problem?
  3. What do you want as your outcome?
  4. What part of this complaint is your responsibility?                                                                                                                 So be warned, now that I am on the back side of 50 and looking for time saving opportunities, don’t bother me with nonsense because if it’s stupid then it’s going to be called stupid. If you make stupid decisions then good lord above don’t act all huffy, puffy when it blows up.

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