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Hi Mom

August 31, 2016

Hi Mom, it’s me. I’m not reaching out to tell you what is going on, because I believe you know. I just want to share.

Mom, I’m scared. I need your insight with that ability to calmly reason. Life used to be so busy, days planned and full. Lines so straight and now they’re maniacally criss-crossed. I think we can agree I’ve never transitioned well. None of us do. We make a plan and we see it through. Asking why, seems to be a waste of time, what I really need to know is where to go. What are the determining factors as to when to take the bull by the horns, to trust or just to breathe?  Would we be better off if the whole plan was laid out before us, or is the unknown the point, the purpose of the journey? A crystal ball would be nice.

Mom, I’m blessed. I have you to thank for that. You made sure I was strong, held me accountable. As structured of a life as you enforced it was tempered with the need to enjoy the ride. Quick question, where’s the line?

Mom, there was a day, not so long ago I was angry with you as I felt you put so much emphasis on success you neglected to teach how to deal with adversity. It took me awhile but I get it now. You treat them the same. You move forward with intelligent decisions, grace and determination.

Mom, I want passion. I want excitement. I want health and happiness. I want to be kind.

Mom, I should probably just go ahead and do that. Good talk. Thanks.


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