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Before I Die You Need To Know

November 18, 2016

You matter! You’ve always mattered! You have always inspired me to be a better person. A thoughtful and accepting person. You have one of the most generous spirits walking this earth. You have taught me to accept nothing less than decency from people.

When you are quiet, you’re not disinterested, you’re listening, you’re learning or you’re looking for insight.

Your humor, oh, your humor is so unique, so raw, so honest and oh so refreshing. Seeing humor in ourselves and everyday stuff is so joyful. For you, humor is not something you seek but rather a state of mind. Your wit and perspective is an absolute delight.

You taught me to cherish our heritage as we are the culmination of all the souls that came before us. Their lessons and experiences are why we are who we are. You honor that fact.

You believe everything in life is good. It’s either pure goodness, a lesson or a reason to do things differently.

Fun! We’re suppose to have fun. It’s actually one of the few jobs we HAVE to do.

You epitomize living an honest, real life. Living with integrity equals living with few regrets.

You see the love of your family and friends as a privilege, not a given. You embrace and find pleasure in this fact.

To be in your life is equally such a privilege. The only requirement is to sit back, relax, enjoy the moments and maybe, just maybe, I’ll come away with a better understanding of being an honorable person.

With all of that, I know we’ll have fun, always so much fun!







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