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What Can I Do Today To Make Your Life Better?

November 25, 2016

I think, like most people, I get up each morning to try and make someone else’s life better. Ease a burden or put a smile on someone’s face. So forgive me if I don’t understand Mrs. Notley’s thought process. I clearly understand that the world’s oil crisis is not of her making. What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is her ambivalence to the severity of her neighbors suffering. Whether we are for her or against her, the point remains she represents us. It is her job and moral obligation to ease the burden of her people, the Alberta people. It is her job to get up every morning and deal with the harsh realities of how to take this horrendous situation and do everything in her power to lighten the load. She asked for the job, she ran a campaign for the job and she got the job so I have no sympathy for the tough role she finds herself in.  Somehow Saskatchewan is holding their own. Wouldn’t we want to take at very close look at that leadership? What could we be listening and learning from them?

Dramatic changes are sometimes necessary, but timing is everything. If your house is burning down it may not be the best time to worry about dirty dishes in your kitchen sink. What I am trying to relay is take your biggest problem and deal with or at least mitigate that. We all do this in our personal lives daily. If you don’t have the money to buy a loaf of bread it’s probably not the best day to go shopping for a new blouse. Common Sense. Rachel, sweetheart, our house is burning down and many can’t buy bread. Ideas you may have, ideologies you may hold dear, may or may not be a step in a good direction but now is not the time.

There has been a lot of attention to politicians being bullied. I certainly don’t condone bad behavior but can you not feel the extreme frustration. There is nothing worse for a person than the feeling of not being heard, not feeling that the powers that be are fighting tooth and nail for today’s biggest issues. Just a thought but talk to the big boys in Calgary and ask one question, “What can I do today to help?” Then do that. It’s a start.


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