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Hi Mom

Hi Mom, it’s me. I’m not reaching out to tell you what is going on, because I believe you know. I just want to share.

Mom, I’m scared. I need your insight with that ability to calmly reason. Life used to be so busy, days planned and full. Lines so straight and now they’re maniacally criss-crossed. I think we can agree I’ve never transitioned well. None of us do. We make a plan and we see it through. Asking why, seems to be a waste of time, what I really need to know is where to go. What are the determining factors as to when to take the bull by the horns, to trust or just to breathe?  Would we be better off if the whole plan was laid out before us, or is the unknown the point, the purpose of the journey? A crystal ball would be nice.

Mom, I’m blessed. I have you to thank for that. You made sure I was strong, held me accountable. As structured of a life as you enforced it was tempered with the need to enjoy the ride. Quick question, where’s the line?

Mom, there was a day, not so long ago I was angry with you as I felt you put so much emphasis on success you neglected to teach how to deal with adversity. It took me awhile but I get it now. You treat them the same. You move forward with intelligent decisions, grace and determination.

Mom, I want passion. I want excitement. I want health and happiness. I want to be kind.

Mom, I should probably just go ahead and do that. Good talk. Thanks.


Loving and Understanding

I have to say I’m against it. Stupid is stupid and perhaps we need to stop being so gentle and kind and just say it. I want to work in a complaint department for one day (which is about how long I would last) and genuinely help the people who have legitimate concerns and all the stupid people would automatically plunge down a hidden trap door placed in the floor in front of my desk. I want the descend lever to be large and have an overhead flashing red light with STUPID written on it so they know why the floor beneath them is disappearing. My theory is the next guy in line is going to rethink his problem before he opens his mouth and that my friend is called a WIN! Thinking things through seems to be a thing of the past. We are being conditioned to respect everyones actions and be tolerant of all opinions. Try to understand where they are coming from. Well they are coming from Stupid Town on the highway to Are You Kidding Me and somebody needs to give them directions. I have been told, by far nicer people than myself, that the proper procedure is to listen carefully and gently explain why their request is unreasonable…..or you could look them in the eye, save everybody a lot of time and say, “That is stupid, and you need to go home and reevaluate your life.”

I propose that all the normal people quit tolerating the stupid. Instead of our valuable time being spent trying to understand and accommodate the stupid we should implement a pre-think policy for all stupid people. We all know these people, they come into our businesses, or schools, recreational activities and clubs. They are idiots and everyone knows it except them. They are usually the most vocal, loudest and usually qualify their actions with, “I have a right to say what I think.” That would be true if what they had to say had even the slightest ring of intelligent thought, operative word being, intelligent. So back to my pre-think policy. I have developed a few questions we need to print onto cards and pass out. Let me be clear, it is not up to normal people to adapt to the stupid and unreasonable, we must turn the tide and make the stupid accountable for their own idiocy. The old, put the problem in the hands of the problem. So lets save ourselves a lot of time and frustration by simply stating to the morons of the world,

Before you waste my time and open your mouth to complain,

  1. Clearly and calmly define your issue.
  2. Why is your problem, my problem?
  3. What do you want as your outcome?
  4. What part of this complaint is your responsibility?                                                                                                                 So be warned, now that I am on the back side of 50 and looking for time saving opportunities, don’t bother me with nonsense because if it’s stupid then it’s going to be called stupid. If you make stupid decisions then good lord above don’t act all huffy, puffy when it blows up.


I’m not sure why Mr. Prentice and his colleagues haven’t figured this out yet. We as Albertans are facing a massive deficit with skyrocketing expenses. We as individuals deal with this everyday and sit down at our tables and make the tough family decisions. This is no different. We identify a few major expenses and either eliminate them or strategize to minimize them. This isn’t rocket science. Let’s just look at three major areas of bleeding.

1). Health Care

Lets just pick one area to start with. Emergency Room abuse. This one is so easy it’s laughable. When you go to an Emergency Room you are issued an Outpatient Form. We could just add to the bottom of this form, one question for the physician to check mark. Was an Emergency Room visit required, Yes or No. If the answer is No, then that individual would be charged an agreed upon fee, let’s say $500 for arguement sake. The next time they come into Emergency, if their form comes up unpaid balance, well then I guess it sucks to be them. Health Link, use it, Walk in Clinic, use it. Start Taking Responsibility!

2). Public Education System

Again so simple. The operative word here is “Public.” This is not a system in place for Johnny or Jane, this is a system in place funded by the public for the public. If your child is not behaving or you are a parent who is a pain in the ass, the Principal simply calls you in and says “bye bye.” Take your child home and know that you have all kinds of options, Home Schooling, Private Schools where you pay dearly for them to up with your crap. This solves two problems or expenses in one sweep as it will clear out the classrooms of the disruptions and allow the teachers to teach the kids who have been clearly taught that education is a privilege and not a right. If parents start getting calls to come and their kids and all of the sudden their children become their problem and not the general publics, we might have this solved in year one. Take Responsibility.

3). The Judicial System

Now this one is a bit more complicated to dent but let’s start with one aspect and see where that gets us. Why Oh Why, my good Lord Why are we paying to house and feed people who have committed crimes against us. This makes no sense to me. Let’s take the category of “Drug Related Crimes.” Just that one for now. If you have a drug issue, it is your issue and not mine. You need to be accountable and removed from causing harm to the rest of us, absolutely. We should not have to worry about you walking the streets, stealing or running in your little punk ass gangs. I would love to pay my fair share to fund a Detention Center for druggies who are forced to do all kinds of manual labor, planting trees, cleaning highways, cleaning parks etc. until they are so freaking tired at night that they don’t have the energy to cause our enforcement personnel any trouble. You want to get yourself into a pickle and get into that kind of lifestyle and it ends up at a criminal level, then grab a shovel pal because that will be your life for more than a couple of years. The first idiot or parent that cries out, “They have a disease or special issue needing love and compassion,” can also grab a shovel until they figure out, this is not the publics problem! If you’re such a bleeding heart then take them to your house and monitor them twenty four hours a day and ensure the safety of the rest of us. Take Responsibility!
I am not naive enough to think that all of our problems can be solved in one day or one year but starting some real action plan, as we do in our own homes, is at least something. I can hear my Dads voice in my head saying, “You may not be doing the absolute perfect thing, but at least do something.” Take Responsibility.

Did I Remember To Tell You Today

Did I remember to tell you today that “I Love You” because I meant to. Did I remember to tell you that you are important in my lfe? Did I remember to tell you that your smile is owned by you and I feel privelaged when you share it with me? Did I remember to tell you today that I am a better person because you are in my world? I meant to. I need you to know that if I could create you to be the perfect fit for me, you would be exactly as you are. You are perfect to me. Did I remember to tell you today that I cherish our relationship and feel blessed, because I meant to? Your kindness and your generosity to lift my spirits doesn’t go unoticed and I thank you for that. Our day to day goes by so quickly but please know that if I had a dollar for everytime I thought of you, everytime your face goes through my thoughts and every quiet smile your name generates, I would be a millionaire. Did I tell you that you are my friend and that fact makes me proud, I meant to? Did I tell you today that if the world was to end tomorrow, I would ask to have one more hug with one more giggle and a good sassy comment, ’cause I certainly meant to? Tomorrow is another day and perhaps our paths will cross and if I should forget to tell you “I Love You”, well, I meant to.

You’ll Be Stronger……and other lies.

Devastation, loss, heartbreak and tragedy does not make you stronger or resilient or a better person. It kills a piece of your soul. Every time you experience despair, a piece of your soul dies. It just does, it just is and it’s reality……and how do you like that for an opening statement?

Have you ever wondered why older people seem calmer, perhaps less shocked by “bad news”? They seem to hear or go through total devastation with an aura of acceptance, not because they are so strong, but I believe because over time their sense of the unbearable has died. They and eventually we have become numb to sorrow. The ability to comprehend the severity has died. We have learned through history that life will go on, personal pain unoticed, everyone moving on. We shutdown the feeling of spending any time on the shock and awe of the situation as it is self defeating and so that little piece of our spirit dies. The elderly with their calm demeanour during crisis’s, admired for their strength and wisdom just know that the impact of this moment will in time too pass. It always has and it always will.

I spent sometime this morning reading over some motivational quotes and inspirational thoughts and found myself saying out loud, “Bullshit.” Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, move forward and learn from all the ugly stuff. What a load of crap. Just maybe I don’t want to loose another piece of my soul. Just maybe “C’est la vie” isn’t where I want to go. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…….check mark in the strongly disagree column. It doesn’t physically kill you but a piece of your spirit dies.

Remember when you were a kid and everything was so exciting and wonderful? Life beats that out of you. It takes that innocence and exuberance and day by day replaces it with fear, worry and trepidation. We spend more time evaluating situations for the “screw over” or “the downside” and justify it with not wanting to appear stupid or naive. God forbid we be trusting.

My brain works differently than normal people’s brains and I clearly get that. When I see someone, and we all know them, who have been to Hell and back, I don’t see a survivor, I see a very broken person who needs an honest smile and a nod of recognition. I get it! They aren’t stronger, they are coping and they damn well deserve a high five. Motivational quotes my ass, a standing ovation is in order.

So… is my personal philosophy that we take every gut wrenching situation and fix it. Name it, own it and fix it. I believe our soul is no different than our bodies in that it needs to be replenished. We have no problem spending time and money on the newest youthful regenerating face cream, lets regenerate our souls. Grab all those pieces we’ve lost and replace them.

I want to re-own (maybe not a word) Happiness, Excitement, Innocence, Trust and Fun. Maturity is just another name for responsible, so I’m not against that, but temper it with the word reasonable or mellow. I am so tired of my soul dying piece by piece by devastation that physical dying would be a pleasure. Life has taught us that bad things happen to good people everyday and we live in fear of that. I would like to make a powerful proposal, what if, just what if we all tell ourselves and our friends how fantastic they are? What if we acknowledge all those pieces of ugliness we have all endured with a simple hug and replace that dead piece with a positive comment. If we were to do this for each other everyday maybe THAT will make us stronger or resilient or a better person.



I love successful people, I find them fascinating. I love to be around them and could listen to them all day. Now some people confuse successful people with wealthy people and that may or may not be true just as all people on welfare may or may not be deadbeats. Some are, some aren’t, everybody has a story. The successful people I’m talking about, and I know many, are the doers and the thinkers and the positive “get’er done” people. The high energy, glass is more than half full, people! The people that get up every morning pumped and ready and excited. They love what their doing and see everything as a choice and they are choosing this life. It’s their life, they built it and they love it! At a gathering I always try to park myself right beside them and listen, you never hear them talk about someone…

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I Got To Be Your Mom


It is my wish that someday my children ask me to define my life. That before I die, they look me in the eye and ask me about my accomplishments and my hopes, my dreams and how my life played out. I hope they will ask me because this is what I will tell them.

I got to be your Mom! I was blessed to meet a man who shared the same passion for children. I married a man whose priority was to have children and share their lives growing and learning.  To be a family.

I got to feel you move in my tummy and know that my life was going to be forever changed in what was to become the most fulfilling relationship I would ever have. I got to hold you the minute you were born and feel a level of love that was like nothing anyone…

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